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Car Transport Airplane Pilot


Time to drive cars in airport cargo plane transporter and load them in Car Transport Airplane Pilot 3D game. Be extreme car driver on airport runway to park cars in cargo airplane transporter. Double the fun of car transporter with cars driving & parking adventure in airplane pilot flight simulator. Drive city car to load on the transport truck trailer. Sit behind the steering wheel of big truck transporter & drive transport vehicle to city airport. Park cars in real airplane & fly cargo plane carrying different freight to San Francisco Flight.Enjoy jet plane control flying & parking adventure with Airplane flight simulator 2016. Jump into instrument cockpit jet and takeoff freeflight to San Francisco. Handling airplane flying; takeoff and landing while carrying heavy cargo flight is difficult. Airport plane control landing is the main job in this airplane pilot simulator to avoid delivering damaged cars internationally. Park airliner on airport runway; unload carried cargo boxes & sports cars to deliver shipment. For big airplane evacuation and cargo plane loading; perform furious car drift to precise parking at big cargo planegame. Operate forklift crane for loading shipment on vehicle transporting cars. Perform plane pilot duty; deliver freight to its destination and complete transportation challenge.
Get hold of automotive gearbox; don’t be a crashing car driver avoid rush driving the throttle. Sit in the cockpit of realtime plane; flying aircraft to transport cargo from one city airport to other. Get ready for a real airplane flight transport with this thrilling pilot car aircraft simulator. Experience transporter truck driving and professional airplane flight simulators in single gameplay. Flyover cargo plane from runway to fly zone experience best aircraft simulator gameplay like never before.
Car Driving Simulator 2016 Features:
10 unique reallife airplane flying missionsMultiple Vehicles for loading cargo plane flight Realistic sports cars driving physicsSmooth plane flight handling &flying control
Download Car Transport Airplane Pilot for best cars driving and airliner pilot sim game for 2016.